"What type of walking shoes do you recommend for toddlers?"

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Now that your baby has start the awesome steps of taking baby steps, it's time for a pair of nice baby walking shoes. There's nothing that brings more joy to moms than watching their baby starting to mature in a toddler way by taking first walking steps. Walking shoes for babies has these great baby walking shoes to help make the first step easy. Hard bottoms are the most popular baby walking shoes for boys and girls.

Most babies start walking around the house barefoot when they first start to walk. Its fun watching them walk around in your home barefoot. Their toes gripping the floor as they enjoy the freedom of stumbling, walking and running around. Soft leather walking shoes offer great support for the lite stepper. Soft bottom walking shoes are great for those babies who start walking on their tip toes when no shoes on. Hard bottom shoes offers extra cushion and comfort to stabilize great ankle and sole support. They are excellent for toddlers that are having trouble keeping their balance. Its always best to let your baby learn to balance and take first steps barefoot in the comfort of your home or outside in the grass. Being barefoot will help your baby control their balance more efficiently. Filling the floor beneath his/her feet will help gain more control of taking steps. If you ever notice, when babies first start to walk, they start on their tip toes as they become comfortable, their steps will become more familiar to the surface, using their heel and arch of the feet.

Tippy-Tots Shoes has a variety of different styles, colors and choices to choose from. We highly recommend our hard bottom for the beginner walker!

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