Tippy Tot Shoes

So much more than walking in Luxury Brand Shoes
As parents anxiously await their child's first steps they shop with Tippy Tot Shoes to find the "perfect" new pair of shoes for their little tot. And why wouldn't they? Everyone knows that wearing hard bottom shoes will help a baby walk sooner. This traditional shoe helps to protect wobbly ankles and flat footed steps. Pediatricians acted upon this concern and agreed that babies needed extra support when learning to walk. As a result, it allows stronger ankles, muscle tones, and ligaments in their feet over a period of time. 
Most children take their first steps between 11 and 14 months, but the normal range for conquering this feat is very broad. Some tots walk as early as 8 months, others as late as 17 months.  All children develop at their own pace, and should not be pushed into something they are not capable of doing. If your toddler is a late walker, don't worry - the progression of skills is far more important.
If your child is a little late learning to roll over and crawl, chances are s/he'll need a few extra weeks or months for walking as well. As long as they keep learning new things, there's no need to be too concerned. And just to add, we have an awesome collection of styles, colors and textures for all occasions. Tippy Tot Shoes has extra width for extra comfort.
Celebrate your baby with Tippy Tot Shoes!


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