Hard Bottoms...NO Sneakers!!

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Tippy Tot Shoes for Beginner Walkers

One minute your baby is crawling. The next they're standing on their own. Blink once and they're taking their first wobbly steps. Once your baby is on the move, you'll need to purchase that first pair of Tippy-Tots Hard bottoms. In this article I will show you the pros and cons of Hard Bottoms vs. Sneakers, all tested by my own customers whom are beginner walkers (10 months old+). 

While I will be talking about the specifics of Hard bottoms vs. Sneakers, this list is meant to be more of a general guide to popular styles of first walkers: lace-ups, velcro tennis shoes and traditional walking boots.

Fact #1 -Hard Bottoms:
  • They are super easy to move around in. Once my clients little boy got over the funny-looking Yoda face on his feet, he forgot he was even wearing shoes. I have been closely watching him crawl, cruise and take steps in his Josmo Shoes and you really can't see any difference from his barefoot behavior. The is a huge pro, as it's very important that new walkers be as close to barefoot as possible.
  • They stay on feet comfortably. Yes, you read that correctly. I swear these things actually stay on really well. They have adequate ankle support, making them pretty kick-proof.
  • They are breathable. Josmo shoes are 100% leather, making them breathable and less likely to cause sweaty, slippery feet. When the shoes are taken off, his feet feel the same temperature as the rest of his body: a very good sign.
  • They are fairly inexpensive. Our shoes range $40-$55 varying extra width and/or specialty ordering. Shop on by http://ebay.com/usr/tippy-tots for all the latest finds, styles, colors, and sizes.
  • They stay on well. Because they have laces, you can get them nice and snug around the ankle.
  • They are lightweight. A lot of tennis shoes are super clunky and heavy, but because these are made out of leather, they are pretty lightweight and don't weigh heavy on the feet when moving around.
  • They're fashionable. Like I mentioned before, baby hard bottoms are perhaps the cutest thing in the world. They go with most outfits, can be dressed up or down, and have a really fun retro vibe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Leather first-walker shoes are designed to be as close to barefoot as possible, while still providing the toughness and support needed for outdoor adventures. A good first-walker shoe will be lightweight, flexible and breathable, with a durable sole. Unless you get lucky, don't expect to pay less than $40 or $50 for a good pair of traditional first walkers; some brands run as high as $70. If you want my advice: invest in a pair of goodTippy-Tots first-walkers that you use whenever your baby is going to be moving around/playing, and save cute fashion shoes for trips to the store when all he/she will be doing is looking cute in the cart.          
If your baby is starting to take a few steps, it's time. It's fine to let your baby learn to walk without shoes, if you prefer. In fact, it might even be easier for your baby to figure out those wobbly first steps without shoes. There are times, though, when it's dangerous or just plain gross for baby to go barefoot, so it's a good idea to have at least one pair of shoes available once your baby is officially on the move.

Laces do need to be re-tied a lot, which may send parents in search of Velcro baby shoes. Lace-up shoes are harder for babies to take off, but Velcro is easier to figure out for the young mind, so be prepared for baby to learn to remove Velcro shoes fairly quickly. Try tying the shoe laces a few times in the store. You'll be tying and re-tying these shoes a lot, so be sure the laces are long enough and easy to work with. If you choose a slip-on shoe for baby, put the shoe on a few times in the store to be sure it slips on easily for dressing but doesn't fall off when baby walks. 

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