Tippy Tot Shoes x Neiman Marcus

Dear Loyal Customers: 
We are so pleased to announce our partnership with the Neiman Marcus Group. We are extremely enthusiastic, exhilarated and delighted!
Amid the pandemic, we managed to pivot and partner with a group of well-renowned fashion experts, stylist, public relations and legal team to properly align our brand both personally and professionally. Your candor, words of encouragement, thoughtfulness and support from across the globe did not go unnoticed - Thank You!! 
Consequently, we would like to inform you of the necessary forthcoming price increase, and to give you adequate notice to manage and incorporate this change accordingly. In addition, our level of products and services is committed to make every effort satisfactory - value driven. 
Additionally, we encourage you to make one or more order purchases, prior to the price increase on Nov. 21st 
This simply means - higher prices and better quality. A few things to consider:  operating costs, increase in materials, supplier cost, manufacturing and logistics. More importantly, we keep "You" as a priority for the best selection of luxury brand footwear and accessories for your beginner walking toddlers. 
To this end, we look forward to extending a high-end luxury experience for all. In the meantime, we'll keep you posted with further updates via TippyTotShoes.com and NeimanMarcus.com 
Thank you and Happy Shopping! 🌹
-Yolandra Rodgers, CEO & Founder 
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