Delayed walking and Other Foot and Leg Problems in Babies

Most babies can pull themselves up to stand and begin taking their first steps somewhere between the ages of 8 months and 12 months. Soon after their first birthday, they can usually take a few steps alone, but prior to this will have started to 'cruise' -- walking along the edge of a couch or table, using furniture or outstretched hands for support. But what if your baby shows signs of delayed walking? And what if you notice your baby has bowed legs or is walking on tiptoes -- should you worry?

There is a wide variation from one baby to the next in learning to walk. Timing of first steps can also vary between babies of different ethnic backgrounds. One baby may not walk until three or four months after another baby has walked. That doesn't necessarily signal a problem or delayed walking. Both children are likely to be equally healthy and able to run and play as they get older.

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